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Motels in Salisbury Beach

Motels in Salisbury Beach, MA The northernmost community in Massachusetts, Salisbury and Salisbury Beach is a popular summer resort town located on the New Hampshire border. A resort town that saw its vibrancy fade in the 1960s, the community now features quaint motels, inns and homes. Salisbury State Reservation is the official name of the beachfront, which features four miles of sand and dunes. The reservation also has a fishing jetty, boat ramp, playground and camping area.The Shoreline Motel Open year-round, the Shoreline Motel is located in Salisbury, facing the Atlantic Ocean. A family-owned accommodation, the motel has three...

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Good Quality Recreational Services

Many companies overlook the importance of good service; those who truly emphasize service will achieve positive discernment. Frontline service employees should receive empowered training to take full responsibility and care to go beyond their jobs to tend and solve customer problems. They should be prepared in providing the proper needs and facilities to the people. Recreational Standards In dealing with customers people should be treated with respect, therefore, companies should not only aim to provide good service but to recover from their mistakes. Outstanding service quality can give a potent competitive advantage that leads to superior sales and profit...

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